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We offer results-oriented solutions, tailored specifically to address your individual and organizational needs.


Not all transformation efforts are defined, managed or governed equally.

Whether a tactical, core or strategic transformation is right for you, we offer an integrated (single-faced) solution that delivers sustainable and measurable transformation results.

Change Management
Change Management

We understand that in transformations, change management goes beyond just communicating the change to those who are impacted.

We specialize in helping organizations define, navigate and manage the layers of change inherent in tranformational endeavors.


We believe transformations should be both measurable and sustainable.

Our Transformation Governance platform aligns the individuals, programs, and ever-evolving business strategies with the discrete, measurable changes that both drive and sustain the desired results.

About Us

Whitmore Consulting Group is a women-owned company whose colleagues specialize in consulting, coaching, mentoring, and guiding organizations through their unique transformation efforts. Our deep knowledge of transformation, change management and governance, combined with a passion for understanding the human element within those efforts, makes us a leader in the transformation and change management community.

Our Clients

The partnership between us and our clients is one of shared success. Our clients are long-term thought partners, our greatest advocates and promoters, and are passionate about their own and our success.

  • Ensono
  • PPL Electric Utilities
  • Nicor Gas
  • Hope Fair Housing Center
  • Exelon Utilities
  • WIFCO Steel Products
  • Washington Gas

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